Jilin, China

Huan-Ying — Welcome!

The Spokane-Jilin City Sister City Society directs the activities that promote and support a relationship between Spokane and Jilin City, the “River City” in China. This Sister City affiliation is one of the ways Spokane serves our community’s interest in international and intercultural understanding. Jilin City became Spokane’s third Sister City in 1987. Since then, there have been numerous exchanges and other activities.

What do we do?

  • Increase our understanding and appreciation of China and its people.
  • Enrich Spokane’s cultural and economic life through programs and exchanges with Jilin City citizens and groups.
  • Send and receive exchange students.
  • Extend hospitality to visitors from Jilin City.

What has been accomplished?

  • Shenyang Trade Delegation
  • Jilin City¬†Mayor’s Visit
  • Lost and Found during the Cultural Revolution
  • Student Panel Discussion on living in U.S.
  • Personal presentations of trips to China
  • Whitworth College training managers in China
  • Chinese New Year Party

Why Join?

  • Meet people with international interests.
  • Discover travel opportunities.
  • Be a part of an exchange activity.
  • Better understand our own community by interpreting our way of life to people of another culture.
  • Exchange ideas and develop friendships with individuals in another culture.
  • Participate in informative lectures, seminars and fun events held by the society throughout the year.


Jilin City is located in Jilin Province of Northeast China in a region once known as Manchuria. The city is situated on the banks of the Song Hau River which provides food, recreation, transportation and hydro-electric power for the citizens.

Jilin City was established in 1673 during the Qing Dynasty. The Emperor Kangzi once referred to it as the “River City”, a name that is still used today. In the hills surrounding the city are several buildings such as the Jade Emperor Pavilion, Guandi Temple and Kanli Temple built 200 years ago. Until recently, Jilin City was the capital of Jilin Province. Today, with more than one million people, it is still an important regional city.

Due to its location in Northeast China, near the Korean border, Jilin City has been influenced by many cultures. The people are predominantly Chinese but during this century the region has been under the control of Russia and Japan as well as China. Jilin City also has a large ethnic Korean population which celebrates an annual Korean festival. Activities in modern Jilin City focus on the river where boating and fishing are popular. In winter the people of Jilin City participate in ice skating and other winter sports.

Jilin City is an area of heavy manufacturing including petrochemicals, machinery building, paper mills, vehicle assembly and metals. It also produces traditional products such as deer antler and ginseng for medicinal purposes.

In addition to primary and secondary schools, Jilin City has technical colleges specializing in electric power, forestry and chemicals. It also has a Teacher’s College and Medical School.

More information about Jilin City, including its history and industry, is available in the Spokane City and County Public Libraries.
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